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These beads possess several desirable properties such as low wear, high chemical stability, and great toughness. They are also non-polluting to the materials being ground, making them a popular choice for various advanced applications including grinding, dispersing, milling, surface finishing, shot peening, dental implants, and thermal barrier coatings.

New Energy

Zirconia beads have various energy storage and power generation applications. They enhance SOFCs as electrolyte and power batteries as separator, and increase capacity in LiFePO4 batteries as electrode support. They serve as a catalyst support and are used in nanocomposites. Zirconia's unique properties make it ideal for sustainable energy technology development.

Carbon Nanotubes

Ceramic zirconia beads can potentially enhance the production and use of carbon nanotubes by acting as a template, dispersant, and support material for catalyst applications. Their stable and uniform surface can improve the quality and consistency of carbon nanotubes and enhance the efficiency and stability of catalyst structures. This has promising implications for industries such as electronics, energy, and materials science.

Coating Paints Pigment Ink

Zirconia beads have diverse uses in paints, inks, coatings, and inkjets. They act as fillers, enhance color, and prevent nozzle blockage. Zirconia beads also improve hardness and wear resistance, producing scratch-resistant coatings for optics and ceramics. Their unique properties make them valuable for various industries, such as stability, durability, and wear resistance.


Zirconia beads improve mineral processing efficiency as grinding media and flotation reagents. Their superior mechanical properties reduce wear and corrosion, cutting costs. Use also promotes sustainability by reducing energy consumption and toxic chemical use. Zirconia beads offer significant benefits to mining and mineral processing industries.


Zirconia beads are used in papermaking as grinding media and surface coating to produce high-quality and printable paper products. They can be used in recycled paper deinking and specialty papers like banknotes for security features. Their unique properties, including hardness, wear resistance, and stability, make them valuable materials in the industry, improving paper production, recycling, and security.


Ceramic zirconia beads are extensively used in the pharmaceutical industry for milling, grinding, and dispersing applications. Their exceptional properties, including high density, wear resistance, and chemical stability, make them a preferred choice for producing fine particles with narrow size distribution, dispersing pharmaceuticals in liquids, and filtration.

Cosmetics Personal Hygiene

Ceramic zirconia beads are used in cosmetics and personal hygiene products as exfoliating and polishing agents and delivery systems for active ingredients. They are durable, non-reactive, and come in various sizes and shapes. Coated with materials such as titanium dioxide, they enhance sunscreen effectiveness and offer a smooth texture. Controlled release of active ingredients improves efficacy.

Food Fragrances

Zirconia beads have various applications in the food and fragrance industries. They grind and mill spices and herbs, homogenize food emulsions, and sterilize processing equipment. In fragrance production, they create high-quality fragrances with improved sensory properties. Coating the beads enhances their performance and sustainability.

Magnetic materials

Zirconia beads have potential in magnetic materials, as catalyst support and dispersant in magnetic fluids, and as grinding media. They improve magnetic tape and disk uniformity and durability and can act as a template for particle growth in permanent magnets. Their unique properties make them valuable in electronics, energy, and biomedical engineering industries.

Liquid Crystal Displays

Zirconia beads grind and disperse pigment particles in liquid solvent during bead milling. They produce high-quality color filters for LCDs due to their hardness, durability, and chemical inertness. These beads ensure consistent color and brightness and minimize contamination, resulting in a pure final product.

Multilayer ceramic capacitor

Zirconia beads produce high-quality dielectric layers in multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) used in electronic devices. They ensure precise control over size and electrical properties due to their ability to grind and disperse ceramic powder uniformly. Zirconia beads also minimize contamination and ensure high purity, making them critical in producing high-performance capacitors.

Pesticide suspension concentrate

Zirconia beads are used in the production of suspension concentrate (SC), a pesticide formulation. They grind and disperse pesticide particles in the liquid carrier, ensuring uniform size and distribution for a stable and homogeneous suspension. Zirconia beads provide efficient grinding, are reusable, and cost-effective, resulting in reliable and effective pest control with consistent application and maximum efficacy.


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