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Integral Ceramic Pipe
Integral Ceramic Pipe
Integral Ceramic Pipe
Integral Ceramic Pipe

Integral Ceramic Pipe

Wear Resistance

Corrosion Resistance

High Temperature Resistance


Smooth Inner and Outer Walls

Easy Installation

Reduced Maintenance


The integrally formed wear-resistant ceramic steel pipe is a specialized product designed for various industrial applications. Here's a breakdown of its product structure, features, technical specifications, and applications:

Integral Ceramic Pipe

Product Structure

The integrally formed wear-resistant ceramic steel pipe consists of the following components:

  1. Steel Pipe:

    • Serves as the outer structural layer providing strength and support.

    • Designed to withstand the operating conditions of the specific application.

  2. Wear-Resistant Ceramic Pipe Fittings:

    • Manufactured as a single, integral unit.

    • Composed of wear-resistant ceramics with superior durability.

    • Assembled through a firing process, ensuring a seamless integration.

  3. Special Fillers:

    • Used in the assembly process to enhance bonding between the steel pipe and ceramic fittings.

    • Contribute to the overall strength and stability of the pipe.

Integral Ceramic Pipe

Product Features:

  1. Wear Resistance:

  2. Exhibits exceptional wear resistance, outperforming ordinary pipes under similar conditions by tenfold.

  3. Corrosion Resistance:

  4. The seamless ceramic tube lining, combined with inorganic adhesive, resists corrosion from acids and alkalis.

  5. High Temperature Resistance:

  6. Capable of operating at temperatures up to 750°C for extended periods, suitable for a wide range of working conditions.

  7. Anti-Scouring:

  8. Resistant to erosion from larger particles without compromising structural integrity.

  9. Smooth Inner and Outer Walls:

  10. Facilitates unobstructed airflow, preventing material hang-ups and blockages.

  11. Easy Installation:

  12. Lightweight design (1/3 lighter than ordinary pipes) facilitates easy handling and installation.

  13. Reduces the load on support and hanger equipment, saving material costs.

  14. Reduced Maintenance:

  15. Exceptional abrasion resistance minimizes the frequency of maintenance, resulting in cost and labor savings.

  16. Integral Ceramic Pipe

Application Areas:

The integrally formed wear-resistant ceramic steel pipe finds application in various industries, including:

  • Tail Gas Treatment

  • Pulverized Coal Transportation

  • Fine Ore Transportation

  • Fly Ash Treatment

  • Limestone Transportation

  • Grain Transportation

  • Slag Transportation

  • Cinder Transportation

  • Cement Transportation

  • River Sand Transportation

These applications highlight the versatility and adaptability of the product in addressing different industrial needs related to wear and corrosion resistance.


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Integral Ceramic Pipe

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