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Sulfurized Ceramic Pipe
Sulfurized Ceramic Pipe
Sulfurized Ceramic Pipe
Sulfurized Ceramic Pipe

Sulfurized Ceramic Pipe


Hydraulic Suction or Discharge of Highly Abrasive Material

Mineral Processing Plants

High-Pressure Tailings Lines

Sand and Gravel Transfer

Lime Transfer

Oil Sands Operations


Sulfurized Ceramic Pipe are specially designed to endure severe wet sliding abrasion and erosion, offering an extended lifespan when compared to standard rubber mining hoses. Here's a breakdown of their design features and applications:

Sulfurized Ceramic Pipe

Design Features:

1. Fine-Grain Alumina Ceramic Tiles:

  • These tiles are seamlessly integrated into the rubber using a hot vulcanization process.

  • This integration prevents the tiles from detaching, ensuring a durable and resilient surface.

2. Rubber Encasement:

  • The ceramic tiles are securely embedded within rubber, creating a cushioning effect.

  • This design absorbs and disperses impacts effectively, enhancing overall durability.

3. Grade A Rubber:

  • The rubber component absorbs noise and vibration, providing an additional layer of resilience.

  • This feature contributes to a smoother operation and increased longevity.

Sulfurized Ceramic Pipe


These ceramic hoses find excellent utility in various industries and applications, including:

  1. Hydraulic Suction or Discharge of Highly Abrasive Material

    • Ideal for handling materials with severe abrasiveness, ensuring longevity in challenging conditions.

  2. Mineral Processing Plants

    • Suited for use in processing plants where abrasion resistance is crucial for efficient operation.

  3. High-Pressure Tailings Lines

    • Designed to withstand the high pressures associated with tailings transport, ensuring reliability.

  4. Sand and Gravel Transfer

    • Well-suited for applications involving the transfer of abrasive materials like sand and gravel.

  5. Lime Transfer

    • Resistant to abrasion, making them suitable for the transfer of lime in industrial processes.

  6. Oil Sands Operations

    • Particularly effective in environments where oil sands are processed, providing durability against abrasive materials.

The ceramic hoses' ability to resist abrasion and erosion makes them indispensable for handling highly abrasive materials, ensuring reliability and durability in demanding industrial environments, particularly in mining and mineral processing operations.

Sulfurized Ceramic Pipe


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Sulfurized Ceramic Pipe

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