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High Purity Monoclinic Nano Zirconium Dioxide

High Purity Monoclinic Nano Zirconium Dioxide

Purity: Exceptionally high purity levels, minimizing impurities and contaminants.

Crystal Structure: Monoclinic crystal structure for unique properties.

Nano-sized Particles: Particle size typically below 100 nanometers, offering increased surface area and reactivity.

High Temperature Stability: Retains stability at elevated temperatures.


Nano-zirconia has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, good chemical stability and good material compounding. The performance parameters of the material can be improved by compounding nano-zirconia with alumina and silica. Nanometer zirconium dioxide is not only used in the fields of structural ceramics and functional ceramics. Using the conductive properties of nano-zirconium dioxide doped with different elements, it is used for electrode manufacturing in solid batteries.

Technical indicators:

Monoclinic Nano Zirconium Dioxide

  1. Purity: It is characterized by exceptionally high purity levels, ensuring minimal impurities or contaminants in the material.

  2. Monoclinic Crystal Structure: The material exhibits a monoclinic crystal structure, which provides unique properties suitable for various applications.

  3. Nano-sized Particles: The zirconium dioxide particles are in the nano-scale range, typically with dimensions less than 100 nanometers. This nanoscale nature offers improved surface area and reactivity.

  4. High Temperature Stability: It retains stability even at elevated temperatures, making it suitable for applications involving high-temperature environments.

  5. Chemical Inertness: Monoclinic nano zirconium dioxide is chemically inert, making it resistant to corrosion and chemical reactions in many harsh environments.

  6. Exceptional Mechanical Properties: It possesses excellent mechanical properties, including high hardness and wear resistance, making it ideal for abrasive applications.

  7. Electrical Insulating Properties: This material is an excellent electrical insulator, which is advantageous in various electronic and electrical applications.


1. It can be used for wear-resistant products: Mill lining, wire drawing die, hot extrusion die, nozzle, valve, ball, pump parts, wear-resistant ceramic ball, bearing, shaft sleeve, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant parts.

2. Grinding materials and polishing materials.

3. Refractory materials: Electronic ceramic burning support plate, molten glass, refractory materials for metallurgical metals, zirconium tubes;

4. Catalyst and automobile exhaust purification catalyst: Large specific surface area, high strength, strong oxygen storage capacity, good thermal stability and low temperature oxidation effect.

5. Battery material modification, oxide fuel cell: Higher oxygen ion conductivity, good mechanical properties and good stability in redox atmosphere.

6. Coatings, paints and functional coatings: Provide heat insulation, improve wear resistance and fire resistance, increase hardness and resist corrosion.

7. Artificial gemstones, zirconia crafts, smart bracelets.

8. Ceramics.

Packing: 15kg/barrel


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High Purity Monoclinic Nano Zirconium Dioxide

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