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Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Beads
Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Beads
Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Beads
Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Beads
Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Beads

Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Beads

1. High crush strength, no breakage under high-speed impact.

2. Smooth surface, good sphericity.

3. High wear resistance, longer service life 30-50 times than glass beads, 5 times than zirconium silicate beads and 6-8 times than Al2O3 beads.

4. High density and excellent grinding efficiency


Yttria stabilized zirconia beads (Y-TZP), or YSZ beads for short, are a type of ceramic grinding media made primarily of zirconium oxide (ZrO2) with a small amount of yttrium oxide (Y2O3) added to stabilize the material. The incorporation of yttrium oxide enhances the strength and toughness of the beads, resulting in exceptional wear and fracture resistance. These properties make YSZ beads highly suitable for applications involving high-energy milling, particularly in the production of advanced ceramics that require significant impact forces.

The outstanding characteristics of YSZ beads are crucial in the manufacturing processes of electronic materials, pigments, and coatings, where the use of high-performance materials is essential. These beads are capable of withstanding intense grinding conditions and maintaining their structural integrity, ensuring consistent and efficient milling results.

In addition to their wear and fracture resistance, YSZ beads offer other advantages as well. They exhibit a high level of chemical inertness, making them compatible with various materials and reducing the risk of contamination during milling. YSZ beads are also known for their excellent thermal stability, allowing them to withstand high temperatures without significant degradation. This thermal resistance is particularly important in applications where elevated temperatures are involved, such as in the production of ceramic materials and coatings.

Overall, Yttria-stabilized zirconia beads (YSZ beads) are valuable grinding media  due to their remarkable properties, including strength, toughness, wear resistance, chemical inertness, and thermal stability. These attributes make them an ideal choice for demanding milling processes in various industries, contributing to the production of high-quality materials and products.


  • Crafted from a premium nanometer yttria-stabilized zirconia precursor, our ceramic milling balls boast high purity, proudly manufactured in-house by our state-of-the-art facility in consistently large and uniform batches.

  • Designed for high energy mills, our high-density media maximizes throughput and productivity, while its remarkable fracture toughness and wear resistance effectively minimize bead contamination during high-speed milling.

  • Proven through rigorous testing, our ceramic milling balls exhibit at least a 15% superiority in wear rate compared to Ceria Stabilized Zirconia beads.

Ceramic Zirconia Beads

Y-TZP Grinding Media Properties:


Density (g/cm3)

Bulk density  (g/cm3)

Major composition (%)

Crush strength  (N)

V-Hardness (HV10)




ZrO2:94.6  Y2O3:5.2

≥2000 (Ø2mm)



Standard sizes* (∅,mm)

0.05 – 0.10

0.1 0.15

0.2 0.3

0.3 0.4

0.4 0.6

0.6 0.8

0.8 1.0

1.0 1.2

1.2 1.4

1.4 1.6

1.6 1.8


2.0 2.5

2.6 3.3

3.5 4.5

4.5 5.5

6.0 7.0

6.5 7.5

7.5 8.5

8.0 9.0

9.3 10.7

11.0 13.0

*other sizes can be customized


  • YTZP beads find versatile applications in the milling and dispersion of various materials. Some notable examples include:

  • Bio-tech: Used for the extraction and isolation of DNA, RNA, and proteins.

  • Chemicals: Applied in the milling and dispersion of agrochemicals such as fungicides, insecticides, and herbicides.

  • Coating, paints, printing, and inkjet inks: Ideal for achieving effective dispersion in these applications.

  • Cosmetics: Employed in the milling and dispersion processes for products like lipsticks, skin creams, and sun protection creams.

  • Electronic materials and components: Used in applications like CMP slurry, ceramic capacitors, and lithium iron phosphate batteries.

  • Food and Wheat Seeds

  • Minerals: Applied in the milling and dispersion of minerals like TiO2, Calcium Carbonate, and Zircon.

  • Pharmaceuticals: Used in milling processes for pharmaceutical applications.

  • Pigments and dyes: Effective in dispersing pigments and dyes for various industries.

Additionally, YTZP beads prove useful in various other applications, such as:

  • Flow distribution in process technology.

  • Serving as a sintering bed with good thermal conductivity, capable of withstanding high temperatures.

  • Vibro-grinding and polishing of jewelry, gemstones, and aluminum wheels.


Hazard Identification:

  • Health Rating: 0 – None

  • Flammability Rating: 0 – None

  • Reactivity Rating: 0 – None

  • Contact Rating: 0 – Slight

    • Possible irritation through abrasive friction.

    • Risk of slipping if the product (beads) is spread out on the floor.

    • Although the product should not cause inhalation problems, its utilization can generate dust.

First Aid Measures:

  • Eyes: May be abrasive through friction; treat as a particle in the eye.

Firefighting Measures:

  • This product is not combustible or explosive and is compatible with all standard firefighting methods.

Accidental Release Measures:

  • Isolate the area and sweep the floor to collect beads, preventing slipping by rolling.

  • Wear eye protectors and a dust mask.

Handling and Storage:

  • For operations generating dust, wear a dust mask and eye protectors.

  • Due to its weight, adhere to security rules when stocking; use safety shoes for handling.

Physical/Chemical Properties:

  • Appearance and Odor: Odorless white beads

  • Solubility in Water: Insoluble

  • Volatiles by Volume at 21°C: 0%

  • Boiling Point: NAIF

  • Melting Point: Over 1600°C

Disposal Consideration:

  • Items unsuitable for recovery or recycling should be managed in an appropriate waste disposal facility.

  • Dispose of packaging and unused contents in accordance with governmental and local requirements.

Transport Information:

  • Not regulated.

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Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Beads

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