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Zirconia Microsphere
Zirconia Microsphere
Zirconia Microsphere
Zirconia Microsphere
Zirconia Microsphere

Zirconia Microsphere

1. High crushing strength, fracture durability, and superior wear resistance even under high speed impact.

2. Smooth surface, good sphericity.

3. High density and excellent grinding efficiency for grinding materials down to nano size.

4. Significant cost and waste reduction


Zirconium beads go by many names around the world: Mahlperlen in Germany. Bolas de Moliendas in South America. Pearls in Europe. Zirconia beads in Asia. But whichever corner of the globe you call home, whatever you call the beads, one thing is clear— Sanxin Zirconia beads Grinding Media is the right ceramic grinding media for you.

Zirconia microsphere (SXYZV Series) are produced using high-quality yttria-stabilized zirconia powder through the latest hydrolysis process. These beads exhibit outstanding grinding efficiency, thanks to their high crushing strength and minimal wear loss. They adhere to international standards in terms of quality and properties, making them reliable and effective grinding media. Zirconia microsphere beads are well-suited for grinding materials to the nano size range, including electronic ceramics, ceramic ink, MLCC (multi-layer ceramic capacitors), CMP (chemical mechanical planarization), and photo catalysts.

Ceramic Zirconia Mircrophere Beads

The utilization of high-quality yttria-stabilized zirconia powder in the manufacturing process ensures the beads' excellent properties. The hydrolysis process enables the production of uniform and finely controlled microspheres, which contribute to their enhanced grinding performance. These beads possess a high crushing strength, enabling them to withstand significant forces during grinding without breaking or deforming. This durability ensures extended usage life and consistent grinding results.

Furthermore, zirconia microsphere grinding beads exhibit minimal wear loss, even under demanding grinding conditions. This low wear characteristic allows for prolonged usage and maintains the beads' shape and size, resulting in stable and precise grinding outcomes. Additionally, their high wear resistance reduces the risk of contamination, ensuring the purity and integrity of the ground materials.

Zirconia microsphere beads are specifically designed for grinding materials down to the nano size, enabling the production of finely ground particles with controlled size distributions. They are particularly suitable for applications involving electronic ceramics, ceramic ink, MLCC, CMP, and photo catalysts, where achieving precise particle sizes is critical for optimal performance.

In conclusion, zirconia microsphere grinding beads made from high-quality yttria-stabilized zirconia powder via the hydrolysis process offer exceptional grinding efficiency. Their high crushing strength, low wear loss, and adherence to international quality standards make them reliable and effective grinding media. These beads are well-suited for grinding materials to the nano size range in various industries, including electronic ceramics, ceramic ink, MLCC, CMP, and photo catalysts, ensuring precise and high-quality grinding results.

SXYZV Properties


Density (g/cm3)

Bulk density  (g/cm3)

Major composition (%)

Crush strength  (N)

V-Hardness (HV10)




ZrO2:94.6  Y2O3:5.2

≥90 (Ø0.3mm)



Ø 0.05mm, Ø 0.1mm, Ø 0.2mm, Ø 0.3mm (Nano grinding)

Customization size available


  • Electronic Ceramics:

    Zirconia microspheres are employed in the manufacturing of electronic ceramics, contributing to the development of components with enhanced electrical and thermal properties.

  • Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCC):

    In the production of MLCC, zirconia microspheres play a role in achieving improved dielectric properties and reliability, enhancing the performance of capacitors in electronic devices.

  • CMP and Photo Catalysts:

    Zirconia microspheres are utilized in Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) processes and as photo catalysts, contributing to the semiconductor industry's precision polishing and environmental remediation efforts.

  • Cosmetics Industry:

    In the cosmetics industry, zirconia microspheres are incorporated into formulations such as foundations and powders, contributing to the texture, feel, and performance of cosmetic products.

  • Food Industry:

    Zirconia microspheres find application in the food industry, where they may be used in food processing and packaging to enhance product stability and quality.

  • Mining Industry:

    In the mining industry, zirconia microspheres are employed in various processes, such as flotation, where they aid in separating valuable minerals from ores through their unique surface properties.

  • Paint and Coatings Industry:

    Zirconia microspheres are utilized as additives in paints and coatings to improve durability, hardness, and resistance to wear, contributing to the performance and longevity of coated surfaces.

  • Ceramic Industry:

    Zirconia microspheres play a crucial role in the ceramic industry, contributing to the formulation of advanced ceramics with improved mechanical strength, thermal resistance, and electrical properties.

  • Pharmaceutical Industry:

    In the pharmaceutical industry, zirconia microspheres may be used in drug delivery systems and formulations, leveraging their controlled release capabilities and biocompatibility.

    The diverse applications of zirconia microspheres across these industries showcase their versatility and importance in advancing technology, manufacturing, and various scientific fields.


(1) Hazards identification

Health Rating: 0 – None

Flammability Rating: 0 None

Reactivity Rating: 0 None

Contact Rating: 0 Slight

Potential irritation may occur through abrasive friction.

Risk of slipping exists when the product (beads) is scattered on the floor.

While the product is not expected to cause inhalation issues, its use can generate dust.

(2) First Aid Measures Eyes: Possible abrasion through friction; treat as a particle in the eye.

(3) Fire Fighting Measures:This product is non-combustible and non-explosive. It is compatible with standard firefighting methods.

(4) Accidental Release Measures

Isolate the area and sweep the floor to collect beads, preventing slipping by rolling.

Use eye protectors and a dust mask.

(5) Handling and Storage

When operations generate dust, use a dust mask and eye protectors.

Adhere to safety rules for storing this heavy material, and wear safety shoes during handling.

(6) Physical/Chemical Properties

Appearance and Odor: Odorless Yellow beads

Solubility in Water: Insoluble

Volatiles by Volume at 21: 0%

Boiling Point: NAIF

Melting Point: Over 1600

(7) Disposal Consideration

Any portion that cannot be salvaged for recovery or recycling should be handled at an appropriate waste disposal facility.

Dispose of packaging and unused contents in accordance with governmental and local requirements.

(8) Transport information: Not regulated 

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Zirconia Microsphere

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