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Kaolin Bead
Kaolin Bead
Kaolin Bead
Kaolin Bead
Kaolin Bead

Kaolin Bead

High purity

high wear resistance

chemical stability

low contamination

Controlled particle size distribution


Kaolin beads (SXKL) are a type of ceramic grinding media that are composed of kaolin clay, which is a naturally occurring mineral. They are known for their high wear resistance, low contamination levels, and excellent dispersibility in aqueous solutions. Kaolin beads are typically used in the production of pigments, coatings, and other high-value materials that require fine and consistent particle size distribution. They are also used in the mining and mineral processing industries for grinding applications where high-purity materials like high purity alumina beads are not necessary. Kaolin beads are produced using advanced ceramic manufacturing techniques and are available in a range of sizes and shapes to suit different applications.


 Chemical Composition:

 Al2O3>45% ,SiO2>30%  MgO+Other

 Real Density:


 Bulk Density:






 Water Absorption:


 Sizes Available:

 From 0.6mm to 12mm


The superfine heavy calcium carbonate, calcined kaolin, such as soft non-metallic mineral powder used in the superfine grinding the most popular a kind of grinding media.The ceramic beads with high cost performance, for a variety of ultrafine grinding enterprise's first choice, also suitable for water-borne paint ink coating materials, etc.

  1. Ceramic manufacturing

  2. Paint and coating

  3. Cosmetics

  4. Pharmaceuticals


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Kaolin Bead

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