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Microcrystalline Alumina
Microcrystalline Alumina
Microcrystalline Alumina

Microcrystalline Alumina

1. Whiteness, Ultra-low wear loss

2. Smooth surface, good sphericity.

3. Excellent cost,Effective performance

4. High crush strength, no breakage under high-speed impact..


Microcrystalline alumina grinding media, specifically the SXAO Series, are manufactured using ultrafine alumina and other high-purity raw materials known for their exceptional whiteness. These grinding media possess remarkable whiteness and offer high grinding efficiency due to their highest crushing strength and minimal wear loss. The qualities and properties of SXAO Series grinding media meet international advanced standards, making them reliable and effective for various grinding applications, particularly for industrial minerals and mines.

The super whiteness of microcrystalline alumina grinding media enhances their suitability for grinding applications where maintaining the purity and color of the processed materials is crucial. They are particularly useful for grinding white color minerals that require high whiteness standards.

The highest crushing strength of SXAO Series grinding media allows them to withstand significant grinding forces without fracturing or deforming. This durability ensures extended usage life and consistent grinding performance. Additionally, the lowest wear loss of these grinding media contributes to their long-term stability and integrity, maintaining their shape and size throughout the grinding process.

Microcrystalline alumina grinding media are well-suited for grinding a range of industrial minerals and mine ores. They are suitable for grinding materials such as alumina, kaolin, GCC (ground calcium carbonate), silica, zirconium silicate, gold, silver, nickel, zinc, and lead ores. These grinding media provide efficient particle size reduction and reliable grinding results for various mineral processing applications.

SXAO Properties:


Density (g/cm3)

Bulk density  (g/cm3)

Chemical Content (%)

Crush strength  (N)

V-Hardness (HV10)





≥1100 (Ø2mm)



B series:0.6-5mm (Ultrafine grinding)

L Series:5-100mm (Coarse grinding)

Customization size available


Microcrystalline alumina grinding media is commonly used for grinding and dispersing of various materials such as ceramics, pigments, minerals, and chemicals. It is widely used in industries such as ceramics, paints, coatings, and pharmaceuticals, among others, for its excellent wear resistance and efficiency in achieving fine particle size distribution.


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Microcrystalline Alumina

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