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Zirconia Ceramic Dolly and Bolt
Zirconia Ceramic Dolly and Bolt

Zirconia Ceramic Dolly and Bolt

Zirconia Ceramic Dolly (ZCD) and Bolt (ZCB) are two types of zirconia ceramic components that are commonly used in high-temperature furnace applications. These components are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh chemical environments without degrading or breaking down.


The Zirconia Ceramic Dolly (ZCD) is a small disc-shaped component that is typically used to support and transport ceramic substrates during firing processes. The high strength and durability of zirconia make it an ideal material for this application, as it can withstand the high temperatures and stresses involved in the firing process without deforming or breaking.

The Zirconia Ceramic Bolt (ZCB) is a threaded fastener that is used to secure ceramic components together in high-temperature furnace applications. Like the ZCD, the ZCB is made from zirconia ceramic due to its high strength and ability to withstand high temperatures and chemical corrosion.

One of the advantages of using zirconia ceramic components like the ZCD and ZCB is their ability to maintain their mechanical properties even at high temperatures. This makes them a reliable and long-lasting option for high-temperature furnace applications.

In addition to their use in high-temperature furnace applications, zirconia ceramic components like the ZCD and ZCB are also used in a variety of other industries, including aerospace, automotive, and medical device manufacturing.

With high hardness and wear-resistance, Zirconia Ceramic Dolly (ZCD) will be best choice in grinding in electron, printing ink, paint, coating material with non-pollution.

Zirconia Ceramic Dolly Bolt

Material Properties




Specific Density



Hardness (HV)



Bending Strength



Fracture Toughness



Grain Size



Elastic Modules



Thermal Conductivity



Thermal Expansion Coefficient (20-400℃)





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Zirconia Ceramic Dolly and Bolt

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