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Zirconia Silicate Grinding Media
Zirconia Silicate Grinding Media

Zirconia Silicate Grinding Media

1. No air pockets and no breakage even under high-speed impact..

2. Smooth surface, good sphericity.

3. High crush strength and wear resistance

4. Longer service life, 2 times than fused zirconium silicate beads.


Zirconia silicate, also known as Zirconium silicate or Zircon silicate (SXZS/SXMX Series), is a type of ceramic grinding media that is composed of zirconium silicate. It is a naturally occurring mineral that is mined from the earth and processed to produce ceramic beads for grinding applications. Zirconia silicate beads are known for their high density, high strength, and excellent wear resistance, making them suitable for use in demanding grinding applications. They are commonly used in the production of paints, inks, coatings, and ceramics, as well as in the mining and mineral processing industries. Zirconia silicate beads are available in a range of sizes and shapes to suit different applications.

Zirconium Silicate Beads

Sanxin presents Zirconia Silicate (SXZS/SXMX) grinding media are made from high purity and ultra-fine zircon powder, with a homogenous microstructure and no hollows. They are characterized by high strength and excellent cost-effectiveness compared to fused zirconium silicate beads and other options. Their qualities and properties meet international advanced standards.


  1. Crafted from high-quality premium zircon (ZrSiO4) mineral using a specialized high-temperature sintering process

  2. Medium-density media ideal for applications in large-volume agitated bead mills

  3. Achieves full density, impeccable sphericity, and an exceptionally smooth bead surface

  4. Eliminates issues related to porosity and irregular shapes

  5. Demonstrates remarkable resistance to breakage

  6. Offers an optimal performance-to-price ratio

  7. Recommended as the bead of choice for efficiently fine-grinding zircon

Zirconia Silicate Grinding Media SXZS/SXMX Properties:


Density (g/cm3)

Bulk density  (g/cm3)

Major composition (%)

Crush strength  (N)

V-Hardness (HV10)














 Al2O3: 60%  ZrO2:30%    Other:8%




Light Yellow




 Al2O3: 25%  ZrO2:25%    Other:45%






  • B series: Φ0.4-5mm  (Ultrafine grinding)

  • L series: Φ5mm, Φ6mm, Φ8mm, Φ10mm, Φ15mm (Coarse grinding)

  • Customization size available


SZS beads find application in the milling and dispersion of various materials, including but not limited to:

  • Food 

  • Pigments and dyes

  • Agrochemicals such as fungicides and insecticides

  • Minerals like TiO2, GCC, Zircon, and Kaolin

  • Ultrafine grinding metal and no-metal ore such as gold,silver,nickel,zinc and lead;  

  • Pigment,inks,paint and coating materials.


Hazard Identification:

  • Health Rating: 0 – None

  • Flammability Rating: 0 – None

  • Reactivity Rating: 0 – None

  • Contact Rating: 0 – Slight

    • Possible irritation through abrasive friction.

    • Risk of slipping if the product (beads) is spread out on the floor.

    • Although the product should not cause inhalation problems, its utilization can generate dust.

First Aid Measures:

  • Eyes: May be abrasive through friction; treat as a particle in the eye.

Firefighting Measures:

  • This product is not combustible or explosive and is compatible with all standard firefighting methods.

Accidental Release Measures:

  • Isolate the area and sweep the floor to collect beads, preventing slipping by rolling.

  • Wear eye protectors and a dust mask.

Handling and Storage:

  • For operations generating dust, wear a dust mask and eye protectors.

  • Due to its weight, adhere to security rules when stocking; use safety shoes for handling.

Physical/Chemical Properties:

  • Appearance and Odor: Odorless white beads

  • Solubility in Water: Insoluble

  • Volatiles by Volume at 21°C: 0%

  • Boiling Point: NAIF

  • Melting Point: Over 1600°C

Disposal Consideration:

  • Items unsuitable for recovery or recycling should be managed in an appropriate waste disposal facility.

  • Dispose of packaging and unused contents in accordance with governmental and local requirements.

Transport Information: Not regulated.

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Zirconia Silicate Grinding Media

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