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Zirconia Wear-resistance Ceramic Guide Pulley

Zirconia Wear-resistance Ceramic Guide Pulley

​Zirconia Wear-resistance Ceramic Guide Pulley (ZCG) is a type of pulley system used in industrial applications that require high wear resistance and durability. It is made from zirconia ceramic, a material known for its high strength, wear resistance, and ability to withstand high temperatures and harsh chemical environments.


The ZCG is designed to guide and control the movement of wires, cables, and other materials in a variety of industrial applications, including textile machinery, wire drawing machines, and cable production lines. The use of zirconia ceramic in the ZCG provides several advantages over other materials, including a longer service life, increased precision and accuracy, and improved performance in harsh environments.

One of the key advantages of using a ZCG is its high wear resistance. Zirconia ceramic has a low coefficient of friction and a high resistance to wear and abrasion, making it an ideal material for applications that require continuous use and exposure to harsh conditions. The ZCG is also resistant to corrosion and chemical attack, further extending its service life in harsh environments.

Behave self lubrication action, higher accuracy, wear resistance, and longer service life, Zirconia wear-resistance ceramic guide pulley (ZCG) is suitable for wire, cable precise pipe industry, spinning and weaving machines. After ZCG instead of traditional production, there are no burr and loss during dragging out the silk and tube.

Zirconia Wear-resistance Ceramic Guide Pulley

Material Properties




Specific Density



Hardness (HV)



Bending Strength



Fracture Toughness



Grain Size



Elastic Modules



Thermal Conductivity



Thermal Expansion Coefficient (20-400℃)




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Zirconia Wear-resistance Ceramic Guide Pulley

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