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Nano Titanium Dioxide Pure Anatas

Nano Titanium Dioxide Pure Anatas

1. Nanometer-Scale Precision

2. Photocatalytic Prowess

3. Remarkable Transparency


Product features:

1. Anatase nano titanium dioxide is white loose powder

2. It has good photocatalytic effect and can degrade harmful gases and some inorganic compounds in the air to achieve air purification. Nanometer titanium dioxide has self-cleaning and purification effect, and can also greatly improve product adhesion.

3. The nano titanium dioxide of this product has good compatibility with the raw materials.

4. Anatase nano-titanium dioxide has uniform particle size, large specific surface area and good dispersibility. Nanomaterials have strong effect.

5. Nano-titanium dioxide has strong photocatalysis and good transparency,

6. Anatase nano-titanium dioxide has good photocatalytic effect and is widely used in photocatalyst and air products.

Technical indicators:

Nano Titanium Dioxide  Pure Anatas

Indicators such as particle size and specific surface area can be customized according to customer requirements.

Application areas:

1. Nano-titanium dioxide has strong photocatalysis and good transparency. As a new type of material, it has been widely used in coatings, indoor air purification and other products;

2. Anatase nano-titanium dioxide has photocatalytic effect and is widely used in photocatalyst and air purification products.

3. Anatase nano-titanium dioxide has a wide range of applications in photocatalysis, solar cells, environmental purification, catalyst carriers, lithium batteries and gas sensors due to its large specific surface area.

4. It can be applied to various lithium battery materials.


Anatase Nano Titanium Dioxide

Nano Titanium Dioxide, specifically in its anatase crystal form, is a specialized nanomaterial with unique properties and diverse applications. Here's a detailed description of this remarkable substance:

Chemical Composition: Nano Titanium Dioxide is composed of titanium and oxygen atoms and is represented by the chemical formula TiO₂. In its anatase form, the titanium dioxide exists as crystalline particles with a distinct structure.

Crystal Structure: Anatase is one of the three primary crystal forms of titanium dioxide, alongside rutile and brookite. Nano Titanium Dioxide in the anatase form is characterized by its tetragonal crystal lattice structure, which imparts specific properties beneficial for various applications.

Particle Size: The term "nano" in Nano Titanium Dioxide signifies that the particles have a size on the nanoscale, typically ranging from 1 to 100 nanometers (nm). The nanoscale size of these particles grants them unique optical and chemical properties not found in larger particles of titanium dioxide.

Purity: Pure Anatase Nano Titanium Dioxide is often produced with a high degree of purity, typically exceeding 99%. This purity level ensures that the material is free from significant impurities that could affect its performance.

Appearance: Anatase Nano Titanium Dioxide is commonly found as a fine white powder, showcasing its bright and uniform appearance.

Optical Properties: This material exhibits outstanding optical properties, including high refractive index and light-scattering ability. These properties are exploited in various applications such as sunscreens, coatings, and pigments.

Photocatalytic Activity: Anatase Nano Titanium Dioxide is renowned for its photocatalytic activity. When exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light, it can catalyze chemical reactions on its surface. This property is utilized in applications like self-cleaning surfaces, water purification, and air pollution control.

UV Absorption: It effectively absorbs and scatters UV radiation, making it a vital component in sunscreens, where it helps protect the skin from harmful UV rays.

Catalytic Applications: Nano Titanium Dioxide is employed as a catalyst in various chemical processes due to its high surface area and catalytic activity. It plays a role in industrial applications like the production of chemicals and environmental remediation.

Photovoltaic Devices: The unique electronic properties of anatase TiO₂ make it valuable in photovoltaic devices, such as dye-sensitized solar cells and perovskite solar cells.

Coatings and Paints: Its nanoscale particles are used in coatings and paints to enhance opacity, UV resistance, and durability.

Environmental Remediation: Nano Titanium Dioxide is used in the remediation of contaminated water and air, where it can break down organic pollutants when exposed to light.

Safety: Anatase Nano Titanium Dioxide is generally considered safe for use in various applications, including cosmetics and food products, due to its low toxicity.

Storage: It should be stored in a dry, cool, and well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight and moisture to maintain its properties over time.

In summary, Nano Titanium Dioxide in its pure anatase form is a versatile nanomaterial with unique properties that find applications across a wide range of industries, from cosmetics and coatings to environmental remediation and photovoltaics. Its nanoscale size and distinct crystal structure make it a valuable component in various innovative technologies and products.


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Nano Titanium Dioxide Pure Anatas

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