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Nano Titanium Dioxide Pure Rutile

Nano Titanium Dioxide Pure Rutile

1.Uniform Particle Size

2.Large Specific Surface Area

3.Good Dispersibility

4.Strong Nano-Material Effect


Product features:

1. The appearance of nano titanium dioxide of this product is white loose powder.

2. High purity rutile nano titanium dioxide with rutile content above 99.8%.

3. High purity rutile nano titanium dioxide can greatly improve the adhesion of products.

4. This product has good compatibility with other raw materials.

5. Nano-titanium dioxide has uniform particle size, large specific surface area, good dispersibility and strong nano-material effect.

6. Nano-titanium dioxide has excellent transparency.

7. As a new type of material, nano-titanium dioxide has been widely used in cosmetics, sunscreen, electronics, batteries, new energy and other products.

 Technical indicators:








White powder

White powder

White powder





Crystal form




Particle size nm




Ratio table m2/g




Application characteristics:

1. Nanometer titanium dioxide has uniform particle size, good dispersibility, no agglomeration and good blue phase.

2. As a new type of material, nano-titanium dioxide has been widely used in cosmetics, sunscreen, coatings, plastics and other products;

3. Nano-titanium dioxide is used in plastics, rubber and functional fibers, coatings, and battery products. It can improve the powdering resistance, weather resistance and product strength of the product, while maintaining the color and luster of the product and extending the service life of the product;

4. Nano titanium dioxide can be applied to ink, paint and textile, which can improve its adhesion and scrubbing resistance;

5. Nano-titanium dioxide is used in the paper industry to improve printability and impermeability.

6, lipophilic nano titanium dioxide, can be well dispersed in organic solvents and plastic resin

7, can also be applied to metallurgy and lithium battery materials.

Package: 15kg/barrel, sealed, stored in a dry and cool place.Rutile Nano Titanium Dioxide Nano Titanium Dioxide in its pure rutile form is an exceptional nanomaterial with a distinctive crystal structure and exceptional properties tailored for various industrial applications. Here is a comprehensive description of this remarkable substance:

Chemical Composition: Nano Titanium Dioxide is composed of titanium and oxygen atoms, represented by the chemical formula TiO₂. In its rutile form, titanium dioxide exhibits a unique crystal structure.

Crystal Structure: Rutile is one of the three primary crystal forms of titanium dioxide, alongside anatase and brookite. Nano Titanium Dioxide in the rutile form is recognized by its tetragonal crystal lattice structure, which imparts specific properties beneficial for industrial applications.

Particle Size: The term "nano" in Nano Titanium Dioxide indicates that the particles have a size on the nanoscale, typically ranging from 1 to 100 nanometers (nm). This nanoscale size grants the material extraordinary optical and chemical characteristics not found in larger titanium dioxide particles.

Purity: Pure Rutile Nano Titanium Dioxide is often produced with an exceptionally high degree of purity, often surpassing 99%. This remarkable level of purity ensures that the material is free from significant impurities that could affect its performance in industrial processes.

Appearance: Rutile Nano Titanium Dioxide commonly presents itself as a fine white powder, showcasing its bright and uniform appearance.

Optical Properties: This material displays remarkable optical properties, including a high refractive index and excellent light-scattering ability. These attributes are highly advantageous in industrial applications such as coatings, pigments, and optical filters.

UV Absorption: Rutile TiO₂ effectively absorbs and scatters ultraviolet (UV) radiation, making it an indispensable component in industrial products designed for UV protection, such as coatings, paints, and UV-resistant materials.

Photocatalytic Activity: Rutile Nano Titanium Dioxide is renowned for its photocatalytic activity. When exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light, it can catalyze chemical reactions on its surface. This property finds application in various industrial processes, including self-cleaning surfaces and environmental remediation.

Catalytic Applications: Nano Titanium Dioxide in its rutile form is employed as a catalyst in numerous industrial chemical processes due to its high surface area and catalytic activity. It plays a pivotal role in industries involved in the production of chemicals and environmental cleanup.

Photovoltaic Devices: The unique electronic properties of rutile TiO₂ make it invaluable in industrial photovoltaic devices, such as dye-sensitized solar cells and perovskite solar cells, contributing to energy generation and sustainability.

Coatings and Paints: Industrial applications often utilize nanoscale rutile particles in coatings and paints to enhance opacity, UV resistance, and durability.

Environmental Remediation: Rutile Nano Titanium Dioxide is harnessed for industrial environmental remediation efforts, particularly in the treatment of contaminated water and air. Its photocatalytic properties enable it to break down organic pollutants when exposed to light.

Safety: Rutile Nano Titanium Dioxide is generally considered safe for use in various industrial applications, including coatings, plastics, ceramics, and catalysts, due to its low toxicity.

Storage: To maintain its properties over time, it should be stored in a dry, cool, and well-ventilated industrial setting, away from direct sunlight and moisture.

In summary, Nano Titanium Dioxide in its pure rutile form is an industrially versatile nanomaterial with distinctive properties ideal for a wide range of industrial applications, from coatings and paints to environmental remediation and sustainable energy solutions. Its nanoscale size and unique crystal structure make it an essential component in various industrial processes and products, contributing to innovation and efficiency in industries worldwide.


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Nano Titanium Dioxide Pure Rutile

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