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Nanometer Yttrium Oxide Powder

Nanometer Yttrium Oxide Powder

1、High nano yttrium oxide structure alloy

2、High nano yttrium oxide high temperature proton conductive material

3、Used in high temperature resistant spraying materials


Technical Indicators:

Nanometer Yttrium Oxide


1. Additives for steel and non-ferrous alloys. FeCr alloy usually contains 0.5% ~ 4% nano yttrium oxide, which can enhance the oxidation resistance of these stainless steels.

and ductility; Comprehensive properties of MB26 alloy after adding appropriate amount of nano-rich yttrium oxide mixed rare earthgetimprovement can replace some medium-strength aluminum.

alloy is used on the stressed components of aircraft; inAl-Zr alloy with a small amount of nano yttrium oxide rare earth, can improve the conductivity of the alloy;

is adopted by most wire factories. Adding nano yttrium oxide to copper alloy improves conductivity and mechanical strength.

2. Silicon nitride ceramic materials containing 6% nano yttrium oxide and 2% aluminum oxide can be used to develop engine parts.

3. Use a 400-watt nano-neodymium aluminum garnet laser beam to drill, cut and weld large components.

4,Y-Al garnet single wafer has high fluorescence brightness, low absorption of scattered light, high temperature resistance and mechanical wear resistance.

5. High nano yttrium oxide structure alloy containing nano gadolinium oxide up to 90% can be applied to occasions requiring low density and high melting point.

6. High nano yttrium oxide high temperature proton conductive material containing nano yttrium oxide up to 90% can be used in fuel cells, electrolytic cells and required hydrogensolubility

pieces are in production.

In addition, nano yttrium oxide is also used in high temperature resistant spraying materials, diluents for atomic reactor fuels, permanent magnet material additives, and getters in the electronics industry.

packaging:15kg/barrelNanometer Yttrium Oxide, often referred to as nano-Yttrium Oxide or nano-Y₂O₃, is an advanced nanomaterial with a wide range of industrial applications. This material is characterized by its unique properties at the nanoscale. Here is a detailed description of nanometer Yttrium Oxide and its relevance in industry:

  • Chemical Composition: Nanometer Yttrium Oxide is composed of yttrium (Y) and oxygen (O) atoms, with a chemical formula Y₂O₃. It is primarily composed of yttrium ions (Y³⁺) and oxide ions (O²⁻).

  • Particle Size: As the name suggests, nanometer Yttrium Oxide consists of particles at the nanoscale, typically ranging from 1 to 100 nanometers (nm) in size. Its nanoscale particle size imparts unique properties and benefits.

  • Purity: High purity is a hallmark of nanometer Yttrium Oxide. It is often produced with a purity level exceeding 99%, ensuring minimal impurities that could affect its performance in industrial processes.

  • Crystal Structure: The crystal structure of Yttrium Oxide can vary, but one of the most common forms is cubic. At the nanoscale, its crystal structure can be highly uniform, contributing to its consistent performance.

  • Appearance: Nanometer Yttrium Oxide typically appears as a fine white powder with a bright and uniform appearance.

    Nanometer Yttrium Oxide Powder

  • Applications: Nanometer Yttrium Oxide has a wide range of industrial applications, including:

  1. Ceramics: It is used as a stabilizer in the production of high-temperature ceramics, such as those used in the manufacturing of advanced turbine blades, crucibles, and thermal barrier coatings.

  2. Electronics: Yttrium Oxide nanoparticles are employed in the semiconductor industry for their unique electrical properties, contributing to the development of advanced electronic devices.

  3. Phosphors: It is used in the production of phosphors for color television tubes, fluorescent lamps, and LED lighting, enhancing the brightness and color quality of displays.

  4. Fuel Cells: Yttrium Oxide-based electrolytes are utilized in solid oxide fuel cells, contributing to improved energy conversion efficiency and reliability.

  5. Optical Coatings: It is used in optical coatings, where its high refractive index and transparency in the infrared spectrum are advantageous.

  6. Catalysis: Nano-Y₂O₃ finds application as a catalyst in various chemical processes due to its high surface area and catalytic activity.

  • Thermal Stability: Yttrium Oxide exhibits excellent thermal stability, making it suitable for applications in high-temperature environments.

  • Radiation Shielding: Due to its high density and atomic number, it is used as a radiation shielding material in the nuclear industry.

  • Safety: Nanometer Yttrium Oxide is generally considered safe for industrial use, but like any nanomaterial, precautions should be taken to minimize exposure during handling and manufacturing.

  • Storage: It should be stored in a dry, cool, and well-ventilated industrial environment to prevent moisture absorption and ensure long-term stability.


In summary, Nanometer Yttrium Oxide is a versatile nanomaterial with unique properties that find essential applications in various industrial sectors, including ceramics, electronics, lighting, and energy conversion technologies. Its nanoscale characteristics make it a valuable component in cutting-edge industrial processes and products, contributing to innovation and efficiency in industries worldwide.


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Nanometer Yttrium Oxide Powder

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